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Nature’s Early Warning Signs Are There For Us All

PREDICTING Earthquakes before they occur could save millions of lives.
Seismologists say this is impossible, intuitive people disagree and if animals could speak they’d tell their own stories!

Around 100 small earthquakes take place every day.  Larger ones of a magnitude above 6.0 on the Richter scale occur randomly, causing structural damage and often loss of lives. A large earthquake is sometimes followed by a Tsunami, especially in the coastal regions around the ‘Ring of Fire’.

Reports that animals become distressed before an earth tremor and that some people sense the changes underneath the earth’s crust, have been viewed with caution by scientists. Although the U.S Geological Survey site admits, ‘we do not yet understand how it works.’

Hours before the 9.0 earthquake hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra on Boxing Day 2004, elephants working the beaches in Thailand and Indonesia became distressed and cried out.  The same warning signals were displayed by the elephants after the earthquake and before the tsunami.

An eight year old British tourist was saved from the tidal wave by Ningnong, a young male elephant as he transported her away from the Thai shoreline in Phuket, moments before the tsunami thundered ashore.

A similar story occurred in Indonesia at Khao-Lak where a Mahout working his troop of eight elephants, witnessed them running away from the beach with the tourists still on board, stopping when they had reached higher ground.

During the 1970’s, authorities in China studied the strange behaviour of  animals before an earthquake. These observations led to the successful evacuation of the city of Haicheng in 1975, days before a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. Their quick actions and pre-warning system saved around 150,000 lives.

Intuitive people across the world are becoming more sensitive to changes in the earth’s vibrations.  Many experience headaches, confusion and feelings of vertigo before an earthquake, with the symptoms increasing or decreasing according to its  severity.

Seismologists who study the movements of the tectonic plates measure ripples in the earth’s crust which occur at the time of a fore-shock but are currently unable to gauge whether the fore-shock ( a small earthquake ) precedes a larger one.

In an ideal world, scientists would work alongside intuitive people for the greater good of all. While we send out thoughts of love and peace to the areas of the world experiencing major earthquakes, we can also listen to our own early warning system,the inner voice.  By Anastasia

Anastasia is a natural intuitive.  For personal readings, talks and birth charts please telephone 07931884726 or email


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