Intuitive readings working with Earth Astrology and Colour Energies



It is now more important than ever to understand the messages in our dreams.

We are racing through the year of 2013 and our natural energies have speeded up. Living as spiritual beings in a physical body and inhabiting a practical/material world, we need to get the balance right for our well being and for the higher good of all.

So much is happening in our daily waking lives that one of the few times that our sub-conscious can communicate with us, is during our dream times. Our dreams can show us the way forward and give us peace of mind.

Interpreting our dreams is not easy, as sometimes the symbolism appears to be so bizarre, that we do not understand their true meaning.

Often, when we awake our dreams float away, like a balloon drifting off in the breeze. We cannot remember their significance or much of the dream story.

Following extensive research and training in dream analysis, I am pleased to announce that I have passed my final exam in Dream Analysis with distinction.

My offer to you all, is a professional and compassionate interpretation of your dream(s). Please send an email to to enquire about this new professional service.  Many Blessings Anastasia


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