Intuitive readings working with Earth Astrology and Colour Energies

Earth Astrology

A Way For Us All To Work With Nature’s Energies

EARTH Astrology links to the 13 moons in the Lunar Calendar and the ebb and flow of the moon’s tides.  It is a colourful and productive way to work with the different energies around in nature throughout the year.

Known as the ‘System of Self Discovery’ it was first discovered by North American Indians and has its essence in the teachings of the Native American Medicine Wheel.

Those new to Earth Astrology will soon realise the correlation between the hereditary knowledge of Native Americans, the Taoist teachings of the East and ancient wisdom of the Celt from Britain, northern Europe and Scandinavia.

The first moon of the year begins at the Spring Equinox (21st March- Northern Hemisphere).  As the seasons change from Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn and Autumn to Winter, the 12 moons are placed around the Medicine Wheel with the 13th moon positioned in the centre and referred to as the Creator or Divine Source.

Associated with pure white light, the central moon contains all the colours of the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum which consists of the seven colours of the Rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet with five combination colours of coral, gold, lime, turquoise and magenta that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

In addition to each of the 12 moons being linked to a lunar month in our calendar, a colour and the seasonal energies around, every moon is governed by a natural element such as fire, water, earth or air and is influenced by a directional wind from the north, east, south or west.

An animal totem linked to each moon helps us to study the animal’s characteristics and how it survives in its natural habitat, working with the seasonal energies and adapting to extreme weather conditions.

People born between 20th January – 18th February come under the 11th moon of Rest & Cleansing in Winter.  Their soul colour is violet, natural element air, influenced by the north winds with the animal totem of the otter.

Otters are equally at home on land and in water.  They have a strong family responsibility and remain loyal to their mates.  They are productive and innovative creatures, known for their playfulness.

Otter folk are friendly and helpful often becoming actively involved in charitable work for the greater good of all.  They are planners and visionaries with high levels of perception and are naturally intuitive.

Anastasia is a natural intuitive.  For personal readings, talks and birth charts please telephone 07931884726 or email


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