Intuitive readings working with Earth Astrology and Colour Energies

About Anastasia

Anastasia is a natural intuitive and freelance writer. Over the past 40 years, she has developed her spiritual understanding by studying Western Astrology, Earth Astrology (Native American Medicine Wheel), Colour Therapy, Aromatherapy, Tarot and Numerology. Anastasia is also a qualified Spiritual Coach, Reiki Healer/Master, Sekhem Healer/Master and Dream Analyst. Anastasia regularly wrote a ‘Dream Analysis’ column for the South West Connection magazine, until it ceased publication.

She is available for private readings from her home in south Somerset UK in person, via email or telephone. She also offers talks and private tuition on Astrology, Tarot and Earth Astrology in Somerset and was the founder/facilitator of the former monthly spiritual group ‘Crewkerne AWareness.’

Anastasia’s Travelling Stall can be seen at many of the Mind, Body and Spirit events throughout the West Country. She runs the retail side of her business with husband Graham – offering a colourful selection of spiritual gifts, astrology cards, dream catchers and incense sticks. These can be ordered by phone or email with free delivery guaranteed within a ten mile radius of her home base.

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