Intuitive readings working with Earth Astrology and Colour Energies

Colour Energy

Nature’s Way Of Providing Nutrients For Our Well-being And Existence

LIGHT is the only energy visible to the naked eye.  Coming directly from the Sun during the daytime and reflected from the Moon’s surface at night, it contains all the colours of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

Sunlight shining on drops of water in the Earth’s atmosphere form a Rainbow across the sky.  A Moonbow can  be seen at night but because our colour vision is less acute in low light, we see it as a pearly white arc.

Vibrations from the seven main colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet resonate with particular organs and parts of the body.  Each colour vibrates at a different frequency, is associated with one of the seven Chakras in the Auric field and the energies of a seasonal moon in Earth Astrology.

Colour energy enters our bodies through the optic nerves in the eye.  Its vibration is then interpreted by the limbic node in the pineal gland of the brain.  Red has the slowest vibration and the longest wavelength.  Green in the centre is known as the balancer and violet has the fastest vibration and shortest wavelength.

Colour Therapy has become increasingly popular as a non-invasive way of restoring a healthy balance to mind, body and spirit.  Origins of this alternative form of medicine date back to the Ancient Egyptians.  Healing rooms in temples were angled in such a way that the golden rays from the Sun would shine directly onto those receiving treatment.

Blue skies, green grass, golden sand and turquoise seas have a comforting effect on those of us that can see them.  For those born without sight, each colour is recognised by using the other four senses. Partial colour blindness ,where the ability to distinguish red from green is diminished, affects about one in every 20 males.

Total colour blindness (achromatopsia) is  rare, affecting one in every 30 or 40 thousand.  On the south Pacific island of Pingelap due to a genetic condition about 1 in every 12 of the population can only see in black and white.  They are still able to recognise the different colours by their degree of brightness.

We can introduce colour into our lives, through the food we eat and drink, the colours we wear and by decorating our homes in our favourite colours.  For those who meditate, colour breathing instils a sense of peacefulness and helps restore equilibrium in our busy lifestyles.

Anastasia is a natural intuitive and freelance writer.  For personal readings, talks, birth charts and writing commissions.  Please telephone 07931884726 or email


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